EmploymentCrossing – Fantastic Sales Job

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I was facing the seven-year itch at my previous workplace.Thanks to EmploymentCrossing, I’m committed to a fantastic sales job in down town Manhattan.

Joseph L – New York, NY


EmploymentCrossing – Current Job Posting Environment

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I wanted to thank you again for great customer service and such a current job posting environment. I won’t hesitate to share your site with my friends who are struggling with employment challenges. I know I have a job I love!

Duane S


Employmentcrossing – Job Openings

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If you want to be able to sift through job openings from Fortune 500 companies and the local stores—EmploymentCrossing is probably your best option. They are able to compile job openings from newspapers, employment guides, and corporate websites. This benefits users by giving them one central location to search in.


EmploymentCrossing lists jobs from just about every employer’s webpage and every job board in the United States.

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EmploymentCrossing is a research institution that keeps track of job openings. They want to help you get a job, and quickly.

EmploymentCrossing manages a comprehensive database of almost all job openings all across the nation which features over two million well-researched job openings, including job listings from every Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 company.

EmploymentCrossing lists jobs from just about every employer’s webpage and every job board in the United States. They make it clear that they are not a job posting sales company that allows companies to post listings on their website for a service charge. Their trained staff, which they say consists of attorneys, engineers, librarians, and researchers, find job openings all over the country, research and classify them so that they can put them in one central location. Since the advent of the Internet, users have tried to simplify their lives by utilizing the Internet’s instant communications and massive information base.

EmploymentCrossing attempts to capitalize on this desire for vast amounts of information on behalf of job seekers, helping them to hunt down a careers that match their exact specifications. Most job board sales companies charge exorbitant fees for placement of a listing, the offering of jobs is skewed towards larger and more profitable companies. This ultimately puts the job seeker at a severe disadvantage, and we are dedicated to helping the job seeker as much as is possible.

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